Parking Exceptions

The Town of Milton does not currently offer permit parking on Town streets.  The Town does give exceptions to allow residents to park on the street for up to 18 days per calendar year, per vehicle license plate, in excess of five hours and from 2AM to 6AM.  Exceptions are granted for overnight guests, driveway repairs or special functions.  A parking Exception only exempts the registered vehicle from the five hours parking by-law and no parking between 2AM and 6AM by-law.  All other parking by-laws will remain in effect.

During snow clearing operations the Town has the right to suspend street parking exceptions. Parking exceptions obtained online are null and void during snow clearing operations. Your vehicle is never permitted to obstruct snow removal.

Under no circumstance are exceptions granted for commercial vehicles over 6.7 metres in length or 2.6 metres in height, school buses, commercial coaches, derelict vehicles, unlicensed vehicles (including vehicles with expired validation stickers) or immobile trailers.

Please note that there are four (4) steps to obtain a valid confirmation number.  This is step 1.